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Paintball Pops

Item # Product UPC Code Case Pack Each Cost Display Cost Case Cost Sugg. Retail  
Paintball Pops
24 Count Display
10124-0 8/24 $1.00 $24.00 $192.00 $1.49-$1.99
Paintball Pops
Bulk with Tree Display
10144-8 144 $1.00 $144.00 $144.00 $1.49-$1.99
Paintball Pops
36 Count Jar
10136-3 6/36 $1.00 $36.00 $216.00 $1.49-$1.99
Espeez Paintball Pop Tree       $8.00 $8.00  


What could be more fun than a jawbreaker? What if we took away the messy hands and made your tongue funny colors? How about taking the nostalgic classic jawbreaker--coating it in crazy colors and putting it on a stick? Now that would be even more fun!


Espeez new Paintball Pops are driving the kids of today crazy---just like the original jawbreaker did when we were kids. Paintball Pops are in eye popping colors that have splatters of different colors mixed in. So, if you pick a red Paintball Pop with blue and yellow splatters, your tongue will turn all those crazy colors!


Do you remember holding on to your jawbreaker with sticky dirty hands or with a napkin that stuck to the outside of it? Espeez took a strong stick and placed it in the Paintball Pop so you wouldn't have all the mess! Inside the Paintball Pop you will find 9 ever changing layers of fruity flavors that will give you hours and hours of tasty fun. Available in a tree display, 36 ct. Tub, or our best selling 24 ct. Display. Espeez has the display to fit your needs. So grab a Paintball Pop, "the pop that lasts forever", and have some fun!


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